Project Amaka

About Project

Amaka – from surviving to thriving.

Amaka is a multidisciplinary project by Aalto University students exploring integrated solutions to the water issues facing the Katanga settlement in Kampala, Uganda. Through a collaborative design process informed by literature review, field investigations and community engagement, Project Amaka has compiled a suite of complementary water solutions for the settlement and created a high-level integrated conceptual plan for a small pilot area within Katanga. The team has worked to integrate Project Amaka with Emu ku'emu – a low cost modular housing concept for Katanga developed by a student team from Makerere University, Uganda. Together these projects combine to form a vision forward for Katanga and its vibrant community that is sustainable and inclusive.

You're welcome to read our posts on our results below to find more about our journey!


The Team (Amaka)

Pettiina Niiranen

Sustainability Specialist (Business)

Nehal Jain

Strategic Service Designer

Jarrod Luxton

Water/Civil Engineer

Stephanie Kluz

Water/Civil Engineer

Maimuna Syed

Software Engineer